Window Systems:

Custom made windows to fit your opening size
Maximum width of 60” and height of 96”
Colors of 10-mil vinyl – clear or tinted
Colors of aluminum – white, sandstone, or commercial brown
Screen is attached
Includes screw nails and caulking for easy installation


Door opening sizes are 30 ¼, 32 ¼ or 36 ¼ by 80 ¼.
1 ¾” heavy aluminum framing with hardware
Includes a window system in the door
Door is pre-hung with hinges on the left or right and is available as an in-swing or out-swing
Available in three colors- white, sandstone or commercial brown

Aluminum Posts:

To join two or more window units use a 2” by 2” aluminum post
Color is the same as the windows

Fixed Panels:

Must be rectangular in shape
Can be used as a side-light or a transom

Vinyl Cleaner:

Can of foam cleaner and preservative

Vinyl Replacement:

Vinyl can be replaced if cut or damaged by returning the panel to our location